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Courses of 30 foreign languages and translations,

preparation for External independent testing (EIT) of all subjects
in the center of Lviv

While studying at "Accent",

you can receive so many benefits, that one site
is not enough to list them all

You will get by rating the National Business Rating of Entrepreneurs of Ukraine in the title of "Leader of the Industry 2017" and the All-Ukrainian Sectoral Analytical Center in the title "Consumer’s Choice 2017"

Issue of an international certificate in accordance with the requirements of the European Certification Commission CEF, which is also recognized by by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for further study or employment both in the Ukraine and abroad

A wide choice of different courses for people of all ages in one place

The quality control of the teachers' work by the directorate and the the head teacher of the school, who conduct regular trainings to improve the skills of the teachers

It is easy to find us - we are located in the very center of Lviv
(5 minutes from Lviv Hotel and Forum Shopping Mall)

Opportunity to communicate and learn language with native speakers

Individual, semi-individual or group classes for up to 8 people - it is your choice

Opportunity to study with the whole family at the same time

Teacher's replacement program after a trial lesson

The classes take place in comfortable conditions, in separate appropriately equipped cabinets

Free visit to speaking clubs for our students

Interactive lessons with the involvement of communicative techniques

Clearly regulated and proven experience training program

Loyalty program for regular clients and flexible discount system

Scheme of work


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attend a,
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Additional Services

Written and oral translations into 30 foreign languages with notarial certification

Simultaneous Interpreters. Corporate lessons with the teacher's visit to the office

Language camps for children and adults

Organization of trips abroad to improve language

Education abroad: our help in choosing a university and preparing the necessary documents

Professionally oriented Saturday school for teens in the following areas: young entrepreneur, young journalist, young lawyer, young ecologist, young actor school, young psychologist

Leinberg Street, 5

(5 minutes from Lviv Hotel
and Forum Shopping Mall)